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The following is a small collection of blog posts I have written. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

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Image by Josh Sorenson

Best 7-String Guitars

November 2022

Best Solar Generators

April 2021

Best Bed Cooling System

March 2021

Best Electronic Drum Sets

October 2020

Please check the 'Work' section by clicking below if you'd like to see more of my writing.

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Here's a short list of the main services I offer.

Content Writing & Editing

Blogs, Affiliate Reviews, Informational Posts, Buying Guides, and more


Web Pages, Landing Pages, Brochures, Apps and Software, and more

Music & Audio

Guitar Recording, Audio Editing and Mixing, MIDI Composition, and more

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An absolute gem - affordable, perfect English, hard working, and very versatile. He could write a mean intro hook and was great at on-page SEO.

Alex A.

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Here's my featured guitar solo on Rejected Takeoff's single, 'The Writings on the Wall'.

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Here's my featured guitar track on Napoleon Blown Apart's single, 'Spirit Realm Six'.

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