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Here you can find a collection of my writing work, categorized by niche - Music, Sleep Hacking, MattressesSolar Energy, Business, and more, like Cryptocurrency.

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These are a few of the websites that feature my writing.

Music Equipment
Sheet Music and Guitar
Image by Bernie Almanzar
Image by Privecstasy

Bedroom Producer's Blog

Audio & Music News

Music Industry How To

Guitar Guides


Guitar & Gear Reviews


CyberSecurity Guides

Work: Music


Image by Jacek Dylag

Best Fender Guitars

Image by Samuel Lopes

Best Guitar Delay Pedals

Image by 张 学欢

Best Guitar Capos

Midi keyboard detail

Best MIDI Controller Keyboards

Audio Equipment

Best Music Production Software

Girl & Guitar

Are Guitars Vegan? Are They Cruelty-Free?


Best 8-String Guitars

Image by Alphacolor

Best Headphones For Guitar Amps

Sleep Hacking

Image by Lux Graves

Best Bed Cooling Systems

Best Headphones for Sleeping

Work: Sleep

Mattresses & Bedding

Image by Ty Carlson

Best Mattresses

October 2021

Koala Mattress Review

November 2021

Image by Isaac Martin

Best Pillows

December 2021


Solar Energy

Private Pool

Best Solar Pool Heaters

Image by Thomas Kelley

Best Pure Sine Wave Inverters

Best Solar-Powered Security Cameras

Security Surveillance

Best Solar Attic Fans

Attic Window
Work: Solar
Image by Tyler Franta


Vendor Financing Programs – What Works For Vendors And Why

Proposed Changes In The Law Regarding The Importation Of Drugs From Canada

Integrating The Trading Partners For Building A Master Database

Brochure - The Benefits of Multi-Year SaaS Subscriptions

Work: Business
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